Stay strong, little fighter;
Things will get brighter;


It’s all happening… It has been a long and crazy journey to say the least. To Write Love On Her Arms 2015. Stay tuned! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1850418/

I’ve been waiting forever for this to come out!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Reblog if the Education system has ever had a negative effect on you.


Im working on a psych project and my topic is how messed up the education system is and how it causes students to stress out way too much, cause panic attacks, speed up the rate of depression, cause mental break downs etc. I want real statistics and maybe your experience. Please include age/grade or year/experience if you would like to tell me anonymously your experience


when you are forced to laugh at your teachers jokes


“الجمال لديها الكثير لتفعله مع الطابع
Beauty has a lot to do with character.”

- (via unmaiden)